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Sally brings her curiosity to the camera lens capturing images that invoke our sense of wonder for humanity and the everyday lives of her subjects.

Every picture captures a moment in time and alludes to a bigger journey. With an ethos of honesty she captures tender moments and offers a window to the other’s world, capturing the little things that reveal the fragility of the human condition. These unexpected moments of intimacy, quiet reflection, laughter, dancing and spontaneity – are offered up with care and a sense of compassion.

Although Sally has on an off been using a camera since she was sixteen her work has taken on a stronger focus in the last few years. Her approach and composition is also influenced by 25 years’ experience as an Art Director and training as a Designer.

Sally considers it a great privilege to be invited into another’s personal space and is grateful every day for the trust of those she meets one-on-one - or on the street.


Women Street Photographers & Leica Women Foto Project Festival 2024


Dublin Street Photography Festival 2024

Single Image Category  -  Finalist

Italian Street Photo Festival 2023

Single Image Category  -  Two Finalists 

Aussie Street 2023

Leica Australian Single Image - 2nd Prize

International Series  - Finalist

CCP Salon 2022

Winner: Best Documentary Image

Istanbul Street Photography Festival  2022

Singles Contest - Finalist

Istanbul Street Photography Festival  2022

Istanbul Contest - Finalist

Maldon Portrait Prize 2022



Picturing Footscray 2021


Australian Photography Awards 2020

Portrait Finalist

Australian Life 2019  – City of Sydney

CCP Salon 2018
Winner: Best Documentary Image

CCP Salon 2014
Winner: The Peoples Choice



Leica Women Foto Project Festival 2024 - NYC

Women Street Photographers 

Women on Women Wall 2023

Unexposed Collective - Group Exhibition 

Wolfhound Gallery 2023

Street Beats - Group Exhibition 

Victorian Arts Society 2022

SITHOA (Shot In The Heart of Australia) Group Show 

Edge Gallery 2022
Maldon Portrait Prize 


Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2021-22
Mass Isolation Australia

Head On Photographic Festival 2021

Double Exposed / Unexposed Collective 

Victorian Arts Society 2021

SITHOM (Shot In The Heart of Melbourne) Group Show 

Australian Life 2019  

Hyde Park - City of Sydney


Indian Photo Fest 2020
Double Exposed / Unexposed Collective

Brunswick Street Gallery 2019


Brunswick Street Gallery 2019

Eyes on the Market – Image Chasers

Centre for Contemporary Photography
Salon 2020, 2018, 2014

Still Life Isolation Group Exhibition 2020
(Previous winners of awards during the pandemic of 2020)


Plastic Photo Show 2008
Incinerator Arts Complex - Group Show


Reclaim the Street
Street Photographers Moment. Thames & Hudson 2023


Vision 2020. Stories from Melbourne's Lockdown
Photography and Design

Mass Isolation Australia
Ballarat International Foto Biennale

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